3 simple ways to clean your window within 5 minutes

The cleaning window is really important. But for some people, they clean the window in the wrong way. So, in this article, we will talk about the best way to clean your window.

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  1. Tools that you need to clean your window

First you need sponge or brush, bucket filled with cleaning solution.

  • First you need to sweep dirt from the window frame you can do that with a brush or vacuum. This is really important because it will prevent dirt from turning into muddy mess when mixed with cleaner.
  • If your window looks extra dirty it not enough to relay only on spray. Use sponge or brush to clean extra dirty part in window.

Always use cleaner to clean window. Some times people only use water to cleaner their                  window and it’s not really good solution.  There are many good cleaner out their in market. Make sure you pick the best one.

  • Use Quality Cloth

Many people use paper towels to clean their window. We don’t recommend that all. Low quality paper towels can shred and leave lint behind.

That’s why we recommend to use microfiber cloth.

Because micro fiber cloth have special honeycomb texture which helps to remove dirt from mirrors and glass without scratching.

  • Squeegee is not a good option

Most people do that when cleaning their window. By squeegee the towel the dirty water go on the floor.

So, it’s highly recommended to avoid that while cleaning window

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